We work with clients from all over the world. Here is what a few of them have to say. 


You will never know how much you helped me... You are an amazing coach. It was not so much what you said, but how you helped me to pull together my thoughts and the loose ends. You gave me insight to see how I can craft my vision and passion. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your coaching skills, your attention in your coaching chair and you insight into crafting your personal journey. You are a very talented and gifted woman and it is your journey that has given your skills a voice to help others grow. I am forever grateful.

-- RM

I so admire the passion and caring concern you bring to work every day, wrapped in humor. It takes only seconds to recognize your genuine desire to improve the patient experience for those we serve—while elevating the work experience for our own colleagues. You’re one of a kind—and I feel blessed to be among your admiring partners.

-- MP

Your advice, coaching and mentorship will have an exponential affect on every [health] leader and colleague we interact with for years to come. I learned some valuable lessons in leadership and saw the team grow in the short time we had together.

-- SB

I will miss you and the amazing coaching you provided me to improve myself and my presentations. You are a gift to me.

-- JG

Thank you for a great session Sue - you are a fantastic Coach! I left the session with so much positive energy and a "can do" and "ready to tackle the world" spirit thanks to you.

Sue was great, so glad I was able to talk to her before I make my decision. Sue was more than accommodating making room for me on her busy schedule.