Driven. Dedicated. Passionate.


My clients get results!

I have worked for over thirty years with top executives as well as emerging leaders in a diverse group of industries. I coach my clients through a variety of challenges supporting them to build skills, overcome obstacles and redefine their goals to achieve desired outcomes.

The professionals I work with get results because of the trust, honesty and clarity that exists in the coaching relationship.  I believe these elements are critical to fostering a strong and successful coaching relationship.

Learning is a lifelong process so I continue to refine my coaching skills.  I have completed coaching programs at Coaches Institute Training (CIT), UC Davis and Envision Coaching Training. In 2014, I received my Professional Certified Coaching Certification (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation. 

Since April 2015, I have worked as a BetterUp Coach, an international professional coaching organization. In early 2017, I was promoted to Lead Coach and along with coaching clients, I also mentored other coaches.  I have coached leaders in high tech, banking, entertainment and healthcare. In addition, in my private coaching practice I work with individuals, teams and other coaches.

When not coaching, you can find me in the pool swimming with the Swymnuts Team or in the kitchen cooking up a Sunday dinner for family and friends.

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